01. The owners of the movie theater chain are trying to [force] their employees to take a cut in salary.
02. Heather's parents tried to [force] her to break up with her boyfriend because they don't like him.
03. She was [forced] to withdraw from the competition because of a back injury.
04. Any government which seizes power by [force] does not represent its people.
05. The [force] of the storm was so great that it snapped trees in half, and lifted cars in the air.
06. The spaceship was having trouble leaving the atmosphere of the dark planet because the gravitational [force] was too strong.
07. Jeanette spoke sincerely and [forcefully ] of her fight against discrimination in her country.
08. Winston Churchill was a very eloquent and [forceful] speaker.
09. Comedienne Carol Burnett once said that giving birth feels like taking your lower lip, and [forcing] it over your head.
10. David Friedman once observed that the direct use of [force] is such a poor solution to any problem that it is generally employed only by small children and large nations.
11. Edmund Burke once remarked that patience achieves more than [force].
12. Edgar Hoover, the former head of the FBI, once observed that no amount of law [enforcement] can solve a problem that goes back to the family.
13. Ostriches can kick with tremendous [force], but only in a forward motion.
14. A law known as the Indian Removal Act of 1830 [forced] all Native Americans in the U.S. to live on reservations.
15. Recently, Cuba's financial difficulties have [forced] the government to make changes to its economic policies.
16. An African proverb notes that the tree that takes all the [force] of the wind soon breaks.
17. A German proverb observes that loving and singing are not to be [forced].
18. An Israeli proverb advises us that you can't [force] anyone to love you, or to lend you money.
19. A Uruguayan proverb notes that cunning is better than [force].
20. The Earth's shorelines represent a dynamic system which is continually being modified by the [forces] of ocean waves and currents.

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